The story behind the blends

The story behind the blends

Step into the captivating narrative behind our signature blends, where history intertwines with passion, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence. Inspired by pivotal moments in the Isle of Man TT's storied legacy, we proudly present three distinctive offerings: '1907', '1911' and '2010.'

Each blend is a testament to the courage, innovation, and sheer determination exhibited by the TT's iconic figures throughout history. From Rembrandt Fowler's daring victory in 1907 to Conor's own inspirational journey in 2010, these blends pay homage to the indomitable spirit of TT racers past and present.

Embark on a sensory journey that honors tradition while embracing the relentless pursuit of greatness. Welcome to the heart and soul of Conrod Coffee Company, where every cup tells a story worth savoring.

In 1907 the Isle of Man hosted its inaugural Tourist Trophy for motorcycles, attracting no fewer than 26 pioneering riders, each brimming with the spirit of derring-do. Among them was Rembrandt (Rem) Fowler, the famed winner of the twin-cylinder race. Incredibly, this marked Rem's first road race, and it would prove to be something of a baptism of fire!

In fact Rem battled through a whole series of setbacks - from tyre blowouts and failed spark plugs to broken drive belts - to clinch victory after 4 hours and 158 miles on the St John's Short Course. Which was little more than a cart track, by the way. Ouch!

Yet these were minor hurdles. Rem had been unwell and almost missed the race until one kind soul suggested he fortify himself with a stiff brandy! His biggest scare, however, unfolded at the aptly-named Devil's Elbow. Navigating the bend, Rem encountered a road ablaze with flaming oil and petrol. Faced with a split-second decision - obey the Boy Scout on duty frantically waving a flag or take a chance and dash through it - Rem chose the latter, scattering those attending the scene as he vanished into the flames.

With a still-burning motorcycle hidden inside the smoke, disaster seemed imminent for Rem, but the toolmaker from Birmingham emerged unscathed to pocket £25 and lift the Marquis de Mouzilly St. Mars Trophy - awarded to the winner of the Senior TT to this day.

The TT Mountain Course, that wild 37-and-three-quarter-mile ride, was introduced way back in 1911, and guess what? It's still giving motorcycle racers a crazy adventure today! But can you imagine tackling those early tracks with no more than four horse power? Not quite the two hundred horses that power Conor around the island today.

So, 1911 is when things get really interesting for the TT, its new and fearsome eight-mile climb demanding some extra technical wizardry. Enter Oscar Hedstrom, the head designer at Indian. Oscar was on a mission to conquer the new Mountain Course and show off his bikes, so he handpicked a team of mechanics and hopped on a steamer from New York along with his ground-breaking v-twin motorcycles - each boasting a revolutionary two-speed gearbox and chain drive.

But Indian’s real hero of the day was arguably a young man from London, England. Oliver Godfrey didn't just win the gruelling five-lap Senior TT, but he also led home a clean sweep of the podium for the American marque, denting British pride in the process.

Oliver never won another TT and lost his life during the First World War. Like many mechanically minded people, he joined the Royal Flying Corps - quite fitting for a guy who tore up the tracks as a speedy and fearless motorcycle racer. Oliver was shot down in 1916 over the Somme by the notorious Jagdgeschwader 1 squadron led by Baron von Richthofen, aka the ‘Red Baron’.

Conrod Coffee Company came to life when our buddy, motorcycle racer Conor Cummins, suffered a devastating setback in 2010. Gunning for the lead of the Senior TT, Conor takes a wild high-speed tumble off the Mountain Road. His bike, like a missile, sends the sheep running for cover, while his body, like a rag-doll, somehow pulls off a miracle, flying over the looming stone wall and steering clear of total disaster!

Airlifted off the mountainside, Conor goes straight into theatre and is soon facing an eleven-hour marathon operation to slap in two metal rods between his pelvis and shoulder blades. We're calling these bad boys 'Con-rods.' Get it? We've got some humour to go with our coffee, you know!

But guess what? Out of the chaos a love affair with coffee was born. Conor went from battling injuries and living under a cloud to sipping on the good stuff, and wham, a brilliant business idea took off as fast as the man himself!

His journey from a hospital bed to the TT podium? Total inspiration. It's all about choosing freedom, facing risks, and doing what you're crazy passionate about. And that's us - Conrod Coffee Company. We're not just about brewing stellar coffee: we're about embracing passion. Conor's still living life to the max, testing his limits, and competing at the highest level, all while savouring the perfect cup.

So why not pick up this bag and join us on this awesome adventure?

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